One of the main pillars of the company is custom metal enabling piece and small batch production in the processing of metal profiles, tubes and sheet metal using welding, milling, drilling and turning technology.

The company carries out the production and workshop or site assembly of steel structures, rectification and repair of crane tracks. It also manufactures structures, frames, columns, platforms and operating stairs from profile material and sheeting.

In the energy field DTZ specializes in the production of pressure and non-pressure units, the reconstruction, modernization and repair of electricity, heat and hot water boilers, general and routine repairs of boiler and desulphurization units, the production of pressure units and technological components of classic steam and hot water boilers, includingilers with fluidized bed combustion, the construction of new technological equipment, heat exchangers and condensers, the repair of damaged boiler bodies through modern methods without heat treatment. At the same time specialized pressure tests are carried out, destructive and non-destructive.

The company performs the repair or replacement of pressure systems, steam and hot water boilers, i.e. evaporators, heaters, steam superheaters, chambers, cabinets, drums, etc., the repair or replacement of steam and water pressure pipelines of all parameters including slag-removing pipeline, re-tubing or replacement of tube bundles for heat exchangers, the repair or replacement of coal-handling equipment, grills, conveyors, mills, drying shafts, powder, burner boxes, piping for hot air, flues, plating boilers, boiler structure, crushers, slag removal, etc.