DTZ is a manufacturing company capable of the entire turnkey implementation process.

Within Engineering there are proposals for necessary technologies, including design and structural solutions using Solid Edge software. This process begins with design activities, the company designers starting work based on the specifications and requirements of customers. The result is detailed design solutions including technical preparation, whether relating to the manufacture, repair or reconstruction and modernization of equipment.

The company has manufacturing capabilities for custom and mass production. In a production base covering an area of nearly 10,000 square meters and with production equipment the company is currently implementing several production programs simultaneously. The company is able to satisfy customers for exceptional one-off and long-term mass production programs in other engineering fields. The activities offered by the company include Repair, Service and Maintenance, carried out simultaneously on several power generation plants. In the past DTZ has participated and has often been involved in the comprehensive reconstruction and modernization of power units in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Part of any manufacturing or service work is an extensive and detailed Technical Inspection with planned technical tests and the resulting technical and inspection documentation. A separate area of focus for the company is Technology Welding methods 111, 131, 135 and 141. For this purpose the company has the necessary equipment and authorization (see Ch. PRODUCTION/Specialized Welding).