Corporate culture

DTZ is well aware that a positive corporate culture has a beneficial effect on employees, and also customers. Corporate culture influences the company's strategy and supports the corporate goals.

The company targets are:

  • to be a stable medium-sized company active in the field of energy and mechanical engineering
  • meet requirements and assist in the development of our customers in selected areas
  • develop our skills, technologies and procedures
  • ensure our development by investing in new technologies
  • actively develop the human potential of the company
  • understand and implement the values of our customers

Corporate culture includes values such as loyalty, creativity, a strong work ethic and enthusiasm, precision and concentration, solidarity and self-discipline, shared by most workers. The healthy climate that prevails in the company reflects fair and friendly relations among employees. A great emphasis is placed on teamwork and collaboration. All these values are reflected in the overall work morale and affect the orientation of the company. How the company operates externally is given precisely by its corporate culture

The process of building the corporate culture of the company is long-term, as well as building the reputation and the desired brand position with the customer.

We are a Green Company

Our company joined the Green Company project and allows its employees to get rid of old small electrical appliances and batteries in an environmentally friendly way, thus expanding its activities in the field of environmental protection.

Employees may simply place used electrical home appliances and batteries in the collection box located in the administration building. The project also enables our company's environmentally friendly disposal of large company electronic waste.

The aim of the Green Company project is environmental protection by ensuring the return and efficient recycling of unwanted electrical equipment. These contain many dangerous substances, such as mercury, lead, cadmium or brominated flame retardants, and also large amounts of recyclable and re-usable materials.

The initiator of the project is REMA System a.s., which organizes the collection, sorting, recycling and disposal of electronic waste in the Czech Republic.