Patents and utility models

Patent No. 294454 – Method for producing dispersion tubes for the desulphurization unit of a thermal power plant

In the manufacturing method for the dispersion tube (1) for feeding flue gas into the reactor of the desulfurization unit of the thermal power plant to the external surface (4) of the tubular body (2) tightly placed non-demonstrated form, the cavity is under pressure, filled with molten plastic, thereby melting the outer surface (4) of the tubular body (2), and thus simultaneously to the connection. After the solidification of the plastic mold from the outer surface (4) the tubular body (2) is removed, the cavity form with its inner shape corresponding to the outer shape of the installation collar, (3) fixedly connected with the tubular body (2). The openings (6) in the wall (5) of the tubular body (2) provide the dispersion and desulphurization of flue gas.

Patent No. 638 - The combustion burner mouth

The essence of the mouth solution (20) of the combustion burner consists in that the surface segments (1) are disposed in the space between the inner ring (2) and the outer ring (4), which are relative to each other partly staggered and connected by a supporting flange (3 ), which simultaneously forms the stop area for the surface segments (1). The adjacent side walls (17) of the planar segments (1) are provided with a recess (18) for receiving the pin (9) whose upper portion is leading out from the wall of the outer ring (4) over the outer surface (19) of the outer ring (4) and terminated by a cushion (10), which is integral both with the pin (9) and with the outer surface (19) of the outer ring (4). The lower part of the pin (9) is rigidly connected to the abutment surface (11) with the contact portion of the bottom surface (21) of each pair of adjacent planar segments (1). The surface segments (1) are made of refractory ceramic or heat resisting steel for castings or from heat resisting steel. The refractory ceramic is based on aluminum oxide (Al2O3) or silicon carbide (SiC). The outer surface of the inner ring (2) is provided with stiffening ribs (7) rigidly connected to the supporting flange (3) and inner ring (2).

Utility Model No. 12073 –Exchangeable basket for heat regeneration exchange
Utility Model No. 12887 – Eliminator of gaseous media, in particular of water droplets from flue gas 
Utility Model No. 16274 –Powder burner mouth
Utility Model No. 19469 – Structural adjustment of desulphurization unit for power station boiler